YVR Airport Miller Road ReRoofing
For the YVR Airport Miller Road Re-Roofing project, we installed over 150,000 sq. ft. of 110’ clear span Keder XL roof system.

The Keder roof was installed in such a way so as to not touch the ground in high traffic areas and to not touch the new roof underneath. More than 85,000 sq. ft. was on site at one time; rated for winds in excess of 80 km/hr. Our team completed the move of a complete 300’ long roof system in less than two days by designing the system to be flown from one roof to the next. Structural steel mods (City Super Frame), and W24 steel beams, allowed us to support conflicting roof systems seamlessly while maintaining the 80km wind rating.

All Skyline temporary roof systems come with a Weather Action Response Plan (WARP) inclusive of dedicated weather monitoring stations accessible via the internet.