The Standard Building in downtown Vancouver was in need of seismic and envelope restoration. Historic building restorations like this one require only the best-looking materials, and we installed all equipment in a manner to allow multiple renovation actions at the same time.

A complete access package was delivered around the approximately 50,000 sq. ft. exterior, anchored through the joints between the finish without marring the historic substrate, complete with 14’ metal clad security panels at the base, multiple hoists, stairs, chutes, and brackets.

We also created a custom-designed ‘slide deck’ hoist system with 2000 lbs. of vfd and remote control, built a 8’ x 12’ deck ‘even’ with each floor. This system allowed us to bring materials weighing up to a ton in and out of each floor—enabling much heavier loads than a conventional hoist—and facilitating internal and external demolition contractors who loaded 8’ x 8’ bins outside each floor. A truly custom install, and an awesome project to work on for Govan Brown & Associates.