We won the SAIA 2019 AWP Project of the Year award for this deconstruction project! The Empire Landmark Hotel is the tallest demolition in Vancouver’s history, and a great example of our ability to innovate. We designed the majority of this project using structural steel, involving a cantilevered access / crash deck consisting of over 150,000 lbs of structural steel deck to catch any falling debris and 300’ of cantilevered scaffold to access and catch debris for the upper roof and elevator room.

A few interesting points of note: 180 psf rating throughout the steel structure; 8 floors below were used for hold downs, using post shores and DSI rods; all materials were delivered to the 42nd floor via Mast Climber on the outside of the building.

Time-Lapse video – Empire Landmark Hotel deconstruction over a one-year period:

(video credit: Ke Be on YouTube)

For more details / background on the Empire Landmark Hotel deconstruction project, visit our blog.