As construction project managers across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland know, executing a project that doesn’t cause major disruptions can be a big problem. Vancouver scaffolding service providers understand the importance of creating safe public access for customers and nearby members of the community.

Avoiding Disruption

SkyTrain Public Access

SkyTrain Station Public Stair Access

There is no denying that all buildings require regular maintenance upgrades however customers and members of the community often see these upgrades as inconvenient. To ensure customers, residents and service users support your project, it is vital that well thought out public access is installed. When the Joyce and Metrotown Skytrain stations ran necessary upgrades, we ensured safe, high-quality public stair access was available so that customers could continue to use the station unaffected by the ongoing works. The design of the scaffolding stair access was created with utility in mind to ensure it could manage the number of people using it, both in daylight and nighttime.

Aesthetics Matter Too

At the end of 2018, our Vancouver scaffolding team headed to Sewell’s Marina in West Vancouver to produce public access over to the marina.

While a project that involves scaffolding over water requires high levels of attention to function and safety, we also believe looks matter too. In a picturesque location like West Vancouver, we don’t want to intrude on the area’s natural beauty with unsightly public access solutions.

In spite of a characteristically wet December at Sewell’s Marina, our wader-wearing Vancouver scaffolding experts completed an unobtrusive ramp that people could use to access the construction site. The ramp design allowed for easy transfer of equipment and also provided access for wheelchair users.

Sewells Marina Public Access 3Sewells Marina Public Access 1Sewells Marina Public Access 1

Our in-house engineering and safety experts are able to create innovative solutions to provide quality public access on your upcoming project. To find out more about the services we can offer, send us a message or call us on 604-540-2207.