At Skyline Scaffold, we are more than just a supplier of scaffolding equipment. We provide engineering solutions to your most complex projects while maintaining the highest safety standards around. But what else is included in our commercial and industrial scaffolding services?

Meeting Our Engineering Team

At the beginning of your project, our engineering department will work with you to create the strongest and safest solution possible. These custom builds may include: heavy duty sidewalk protection; public stair access; temporary roof structures and remediation access for new construction. No job is too big or complex for our experienced staff to handle. Whether you need suspended bridge access or want to maintain an open look for your building, we can provide the services necessary for your project.

Heavy Duty Sidewalk Protection

If your project is around pedestrian walkways, we can keep them open and safe. Our Allround scaffolding is unbeatable when it comes to flexibility and adaptability. If you have a tricky architectural feature in the way, we will be able use our experience to keep both pedestrians and workers safe.

Public Stair Access

Our goal is to cause as little disruption as possible to regular business and neighbours. That’s why we provide Layher comfort stair technology to provide the best public access possible. We are able to create the strongest and safest stairways for both short and long term projects.

Temporary Roof Structures

We can create roof structures that span up to 145’. One of our favourite projects was helping an industrial plant replace their roof. For this to happen we designed, built, and engineered a 135’ structure which helped them complete their project in record time with no weather delays. For added protection, we also provide fire retardant debris netting for the highest safety standards.

Scaffold Remediation Access For New Construction

Whether you need access up high or down low, our team of access professionals can get you there. We can create lightweight suspended access for bridgework, multi-storey stair towers for work up high, or low level access for excavation sites. Our Layher scaffolding equipment is strong, yet lightweight enough to help you access even the most remote areas.

Our commercial and industrial scaffolding services partner the best equipment with the best service. Our team is ready to help you on any upcoming projects. So, to get more than just scaffolding equipment send us a message or call us on 604-540-2207.