The term demolition might make you think of a building crumbling after an explosion, debris flying everywhere, coating the surrounding area in a thick layer of dust. But what happens when you need to demolish a building next door to a restaurant with an open patio? Well, our industrial scaffolding experts have done just that.

Protect Panel Robson

This past September in downtown Vancouver we used a Layher Protect System to block the noise and debris of one of our demolition sites. This system of scaffolding and innovative panels were used to create a custom design around the site. The panels create a watertight connection to the scaffolding structure, this is the key to increasing their ability to block noise and dust.

With the custom Layher Protect System built and the public protected, the demolition was able to take place without affecting the neighbouring restaurant and surrounding environment.

This revolutionary system is created with strength and flexibility in mind. Structures can be created for buildings up to 90 metres high and have attachments for lighting and door elements. This increases site access while maximizing safety.

The durable panels are reusable too, which gives them economical and environmental benefits. They are quick and easy to set up with any scaffolding system. This universal nature ensures resources are used efficiently.

The panels are also customizable with brand graphics and images. This provides a great opportunity to inform the public of what is being built (or demolished). It also creates promotional opportunities for businesses or construction timeline messages.

Our industrial scaffold experts only use the safest and strongest materials because we know how important it is to keep our neighbours happy. To speak to someone about our Layher Protect System, call or send us a message today. One of our team will get back to you on how we can make your next demolition project controlled and safe. Visit our projects page to find out some more of our recent work.