UK landmark Big Ben, also known as the Elizabeth Tower, is currently undergoing an industrial scaffolding makeover.

Just a month ago, nearly 800 tonnes of Layher scaffolding were installed on Big Ben for maintenance. Towering over 98 metres high, all of the scaffolding was set up in just over a year

23,500 Layher Allround components were used to complete this project. To put things in perspective, if all components in this scaffolding project were laid end to end, the length would reach nearly 20 miles long.

Refurbishment works are estimated to take until 2021 to complete, for a total of 4 years, costing £61 million to complete the project. That’s four years of going without Big Ben’s chime (except on New Year and Remembrance Day).

Quality Layher Scaffolding

Surrounding an international landmark with 800 tonnes of scaffolding requires serious quality – and Layher delivers. Layher parts are used in almost all scaffolding projects at Skyline, so you can rest easy knowing that your scaffolding is built with the same quality architects and engineers depend on for Big Ben.

As one of the highest quality products on the market, Layher scaffolding is aesthetically pleasing as well as reliable. For example, our project at The Fairmont Hotel uses a teal-coloured printed fabric that mimics the building exterior to conceal the scaffolding used during the project.

Layher scaffolding is also customizable with brand graphics, making for a great opportunity to let outsiders know exactly what is being constructed. This turns your construction project into a great branding opportunity!

Unparalleled Safety

Most importantly, Layher protect panels improve site safety for both scaffolders and passers-by. As safety is our number one priority at Skyline Scaffold, using Layher is an obvious choice for our team. Contact Skyline Scaffold for your next industrial, civil or commercial scaffolding project!